Finding the right brand colors

For many, finding the right color scheme can be a daunting task. There are millions of colors out there. How are you supposed to choose the right ones?

For many, finding the right color scheme can be a daunting task. There are millions of colors out there. How are you supposed to choose the right ones? Well, first things first, there are no right colors, there are colors that will best suit your specific purpose. So let’s get into it!

It’s important to think about your brand’s colors.

Because they will cause an impact on your audience (just like your logo).

In a study made by Emerald Group Publishing Limited called the “Impact of color on marketing”, they found that up to 90% of first impressions about a product are based on color alone. With those kinds of odds, it’s probably a good idea to choose wisely.

For example, think of a healthy vegetable brand that wants to look more appealing to children. One way to do this would be by choosing colors that “stand out from the crowd”, making the vegetable packaging immediately pop out in its own section, because the colors are just so different from all the other “look-alikes”.

They are vibrant, contrasting, and exciting, almost like cartoons or toys! That connection can generate interest and curiosity, which are essential factors in any new product purchase.

Best practices when choosing colors

Now that we’ve seen the power of colors, let’s get practical. Meet the Color Wheel (below). Designers are very familiar with this tool, we use it to create combinations and color schemes for all sorts of contexts. With this wheel you can:

1. Combine colors that are opposite to each other (Complementary);

2. Combine colors next to each other (Analogous);

3. Combine different tones of one color (Monochromatic);

4. And many many more! (but these should give you a good set of options).

How do you choose a set of colors from this?!
Well, we’re about to show you two methods, keep reading.

Method #1:
Colour Blocking

We explained this one on our Tutorial Tik Tok here.

1. Go to this beautiful website called Coolors;
2. Find a color that you relate to;
3. Lock it;
4. Keep pressing space to find new ones (now you know which ones are complementary or analogous, you’re welcome);
5. Balance the tones until you’re happy with them.

And voila! You have an amazing color scheme that works well. We usually make different sets of these and then choose one that will best answer the specific goals of the project.

Method #2:
Colour from Image

Again, go to Coolors. (We don’t have an affiliate link, we just really like this website);
1. Click on “Pick palette from photo” in the top right corner;
2. Upload an image or search for a stock one;
3. Adjust the colors to find the parts of the image you want to use.

Bam! It’s that easy. Once again, we suggest using different images to come up with some options before going with a final one.
Pro tip: Use the Colour Wheel theory to balance your colors until they are in perfect harmony.

Now you know how to choose colors.
However, how many should you choose for your business?

For us, it’s important to have these 3 sets of colors: main, neutral, and call to action. These will ensure you have harmony and that your colors will have the desired impact on any platform or format. If you decide to build a website, for example, you know which colors to use in each part of the layout, like hero sections or buttons. And these elements will be consistent with your social media because the colors will be used similarly.

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