Tarot with Amore


Brand Build & Creative Direction


Maria Amore

When & Where

March 2022 | Mexico

Inspired by the iconic imagery and illustrations of tarot, the brand Tarot with Amore goes for a modern and organic take, favoring details and focusing on a magical universe that guides the reader’s eye and creates the feeling of wonder and care.
The principles that guide this brand are positivity, a sense of wonder, connection, love, and nature.


The Tarot with Amore brand highlights that “In everything there is a gift”, featuring/replicating soft organic textures and images. These are complemented by minimalistic graphics and icons that are also inspired by organic sources, like hand drawings or marble-like textures.

Tarot with amore logo mark, composed with snakes, stars, eyes, plants and skulls
Tarot with amore made with eye and plants
Online Readings
Tarot with amore made with skulls and plants
Tarot with amore made with snake and plants
In-Person Readings
Tarot with Amore tiktok mockup, lady with cards on her hand and mark in the top corner
Tarot with Amore tiktok profile
Social Media
Coming Soon
Etsy Cover and Product Display


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