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January 2022 | Canada

Defining a personal brand is a lot about defining who this person is and how she wants to be perceived. For Jenn, the answer goes a lot along the lines of a powerful woman that follows her intuition to lead and guide what she does and who comes across her way.


Bringing a sense of maturity and knowledge to the brand with a still touch of warmth and welcoming soul, from a person who includes, who connects, who is powerful. Jennifer Jane Young is a curator of souls, is a wise old sister with a huge heart and a powerful mind.


Trying to find a balance between all these, led to the concept of Dualism. Finding the strength in the duality of elements is the same way Jenn powerfully finds the practicality of intuition.

Jennifer Jane young in manuscript font
Jennifer Jane young in manuscript font
Jennifer Jane young in manuscript font with arch
Jennifer Jane young monogram JY
Jennifer Jane young monogram JY but with arch behind in bege
Jennifer Jane young in manuscript font but horizontal

Email Signature

Zoom waiting room Jennifer Jane Young
email signature with logo on the left and text on the right

Zoom waiting room

other icons for Jenn
other icons for Jenn
Arrow icons for Jenn
Icon social media for Jenn

Custom Icons and Imagery

Hero section of website for Jenn

Finding your Flow Podcast assets

An extension of the brand in shape of a podcast. Jenn’s podcast focus all about the conversations that will help you live the most aligned and expansive life, and the imagery, is all about that.

Combining the patterns, colors and shapes in various but coordinated options allowed for diversity and a certain quirkiness in each episode cover.

Podcast on Spotify with cover and episode covers for Finding your Flow Podcast


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