Brand & Web Design

Quiescent leads the path of innovation in the music reproduction market by miles, it is on the edge of technology and keeps moving forward. Users have described the experiences as unbelievable and enthralling due to the clarity, quiet background, detail, and depth provided by the products.

This identity system can be seen as a translation into the visual medium, of what Quiescent has to offer. A clean identity decorated by thin and precise elements that vary from round and soft to right-angled and hard, representing the clinical approach to research as well as the range of detail and precision made possible by the products. Complemented by the color scheme which sits in between technological and organic. All of this is enhanced by quiet deep backgrounds.
In essence, a brand that extends the Quiescent experience. No more no less.


Trepa Studio did not design the logo. Trepa assigned the color combinations and created usage rules, making the brand consistent and easier to use.


Quiescent Ltd.


England (UK)


June 15, 2021


Branding, Web Design